Game of dollars: Next Generation Fundraising and Wealth Creation.

Hello everyone, Game of dollars’ unique tokenomics it’s not just a unique speculative token to pump and dump, we have a much bigger purpose to give to $GOD, it aims to fill a gap between the crypto realm and the fundraising society.

Hopefully, you all know websites like where missionaries start their own fundraising for a specific cause and people can contribute to it. We want $GOD to become a new fundraising mechanism combining charitable contributions with exposure to crypto. The success of $GOD and its community will validify our vision leading to our tokenomics being onboarded to the world.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it; during the minting phase as you all should know by now, and referring to the previous article, for each buy a 10% tax is sent to a treasury wallet that will become basically a community/charity wallet and in fact the core of our ecosystem. Each minting phase will have a different charity purpose with donations all over the world and to a wide range of different good causes. The community will be asked to cast a vote to decide the percentage of the fund raised during the minting phase to be donated which will be at least 50% of it!!

You can imagine the minting phase as a big fundraising auction where the community starts to add funds to the charity wallet and basically decides with sales when the raising should stop and therefore move on to the next one cause.

Assuming we’re into the minting phase and the community has decided to donate 60% of the fees accumulated, Alice wants to contribute to our first cause (check out our calendar down below) and she buys 1000$ of GOD, 100$ will go to the treasury of which 60$ will be donated and the remaining 40$ will be used for activities related to $GOD development.

The Burning phase instead will act as a balancer on the total supply bringing an upward pressure on the price, rewarding long term holders and in the meanwhile preparing the market for the next Minting (or Donation) phase.


Donations will go to Trees for the future. When you plant trees with farmers, you aren’t just helping the planet and future generations, you’re immediately impacting the lives of families in need.

Donations will go to The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.

From here the community will step up, you will be given different choices or as said before you will be allowed to propose a new cause deciding together where to give our help.

Once we become big enough the switch between donation and burning phase will become less frequent as the price of the single $GOD token should increase ( hopefully :D ) therefore the main fundraise cause will become more and more important but we want everyone to feel part of this ecosystem and this is the solution we have; You will be able to submit your own cause to our website, after that we will vet your submission and if everything it’s ok we will issue a new short-life token with the name of your cause and the same tokenomics of $GOD.
I know what you are thinking right now, what does it mean short life token? It means the token will have liquidity only for a limited amount of time (e.g. one week) after that the liquidity will be removed and will be donated for a 60% to your cause and 40% will be used to buy back and burn $GOD tokens.

This is the vision of Game of dollars, to find a middle way between greedy investors and charity associations and prove that cryptocurrencies can really help the world to become a better place.

Game of dollars is a new token token with an elastic supply regulated by two phases: minting and burning.